Men’s and Co-Ed
Aug. 12 @ Halstead Ball Diamonds

Entry Fee: $250 (due at time of entry)
Double Elimination

Your team will be assigned an opening round game draw.  If you or any of your teammates are playing in both men’s and co-ed tournaments, we cannot control nor will we adjust any game time due to conflict.  Also, game start times will be honored as closely as possible, as we will not delay the start at one diamond in order for a game at the other diamond to finish.  Once a player has played in a tournament for a given team, he/she cannot play in the same tournament for any other team.

Download Registration Here.


This form and entry fee should be mailed to or dropped off at:
Halstead City Hall
303 Main St.
Halstead, KS 67056
*The after-hours drop boxes are located in the entryway of City Hall or in the alley just west of the city building.

Entries will be taken until brackets are full, and we reserve the right to return entries if we run out of space.  Brackets should be finalized by the week of the tournament. Bracket information will be sent via text to the contact person for each team.

Please direct questions to: Grant Williams: 316-835-2517